Advocate ASPT-01 Non-Touch Infrared Thermometer

 ADVOCATE ASPT-01 Non-Touch Thermometer
ADVOCATE ASPT-01 Non-Touch Thermometer
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Product Description

The Advocate ASPT-01 non-contact infrared thermometer is specifically designed to get quick, accurate temperature readings without actual touching the person or item being measured. This infrared ear thermometer measures temperature by detecting the surface's emitted infrared light. The thermometer also speaks both English and Spanish

Specific uses where this device shines are :

1. measuring sleeping children or infants - no need to wake or place a thermometer in a mouth or under an arm

2. for use in homes and clinics where contamination management is important - very effective for minimizing the spread of illness

3. for use with autistic children that do not like to be touched. One parent with an autistic child reported that their young child went from severe struggling during temperature measurement to asking that they be checked to see if they have a fever so that they could hear the thermometer speak their temperature reading.


- Provides accurate results in One Second

- Measures both Body and Ambient temperatures

- Optional Speaking function with both English and Spanish reading

- Large LCD /display

- Can read in your choice of Fahrenheit or Centigrade

- Memory recall for the last 12 readings

- Auto shutoff feature after 60 sec.